Sunday, January 30, 2005

Chuck and Adam on The PDX Squad

As you might remember Chuck and I attended the Portland stop of the Tour and we had a great time. Greg was a great host and we had many great conversations on and off the air. If you want to know some of the topics we talked about off the air Skype Me and we can talk all you want. For all the on air conversations go Here. We were at table 2. That will make sense if you check out that link.

I only have good things to say about my experience there and I hope you enjoy what you hear if you choose to check this out.

BTW Jackie and Marilyn make an appearance there is if you like to hear what the wives of podcasters think about all this stuff, tune in.


Thursday, January 27, 2005

Portland Beercast

Last night was Portland, OR night to shine on the Beercasting tour. Chuck and I went and we got to meet Tim from NorthwestNoise which is another podcaster here in portland.

It was a lot of fun. I drank too much beer, talked too loud, yelled at everyone, had sex with a camel, then the camel robbed me.

Tim was even cooler than I thought he was going to be. Really funny guy. I can't wait to hang-out with him again.

I learned that camels are really good lovers. If you talk dirty to them.

I need sleep...............................


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Chuck and Adam Do Everything Podcast Episode #20

The Pissed Off Podcast!!!!
The latest edition of our podcast was posted last night. Check it out and leave us comments here. We have not been getting many comments or any email feedback. Anyone out there?


Update: There have been two comments here about this podcast and both have expressed shock about this program. Is it really so shocking? I sure didn't think so when we recorded it. Any more opinions out there? -AR

Monday, January 24, 2005

Dr. Duff Poem

My wife, Marilyn, is going through some of her old papers from college tonight and she found this little treasure that I just had to share with the Internet. She wrote this while in a boring sociology class taught by Dr. Duff. Here it is in it's glorious entirety.

Duff, Duff,
I've had enough
Sitting through this class is very rough
You are so boring
I am almost snoring
Where in the world do you get this stuff?
Does it come from your brain?
NO, you are insane.
Does it come from a book?
No, not last time I had a look.
I know where it comes from, you big mass of gas,
The stuff coming out of your mouth originated in your ass!

Friday, January 21, 2005

New Sarcasm Notation

In all future posts to this Blog, Chuck and Adam will be using a new notation to indicate their use of sarcasm. Hence forth ^s SARCASTIC COMENT ^ will be their notation for a sarcastic comment. Here is an example of it's use.

^s President Bush is a fucking Genius!^
^s Adam has a GIGANTIC cock!^

Well, that second example is not really sarcastic. That's just a flat out lie. But you get the idea. Look forward to the use of this fantasic technology speading far and wide to clear up the vast confusion of stupid people.

(speaking in the third person for effect)

Definition of an Argument or Discussion

I just want to make a quick statement to clear up something that few people today seem to understand. An argument or discussion is basically the same thing, just depends on how animated the people are so from here on out I'm lumping them together into discussion.

A discussion is NOT two or more people communication about a topic each trying to change the others mind in some way.

A discussion requires willingness of the people involved to have their minds changed. If no one communicating is open to change your just beating your head against a wall.

I know this is so totally obvious that you all must be mad at me but I see this SO much. This is especially true on blogs and message boards and such. People talk and talk and talk, never with the intention of changing their minds. How pointless is that? If your not willing to change your mind shut the fuck up! I'm done with you. Fuck off, you stupid arrogant coward. You don't have all the answers, no one does. ^s Not even me, but I'm close.^

The next time you encounter this behavior you have two options:
1. Link that person to this post or try and explain their error to them. ^s Good Luck. ^
2. Give up because it is truly hopeless. That's what I'm going to do from here on out.


NPR : Rev. Wallis: Sojourners and Politics

NPR : Rev. Wallis: Sojourners and Politics

Here is a link to and interview that NPR did with Rev. Jim Wallis on 01-21-05. It's a little over 20 minutes long but I highly recomend giving it a listen. This guy gives an eloquent voice to religious liberals. This guy has his head on straight. If you listen to this interview you will have a good view into my mind on current politics.


Thursday, January 20, 2005

Jim Wallis: The first religious person with some sense.

Jim Wallis

I was watching the Daily Show from a couple days back and this guy was the guest. Goddamn I love the Daily Show! It's the only TV show that I know of that doesn't make me projectile vomit for days on end.

Anyway, so this Jim Wallis guy was on the show talking about his new book "God's Politics". The basic premise is that government and politicians have got it all wrong and are just using religion as a shield to hide behind so they can keep doing whatever they want. Thank God someone said it, and on national TV no less.

When I was in High School most of the evangelical kids wore those WWJD "What would Jesus Do?" bracelets. I always thought they were stupid because anyone really serious about religious living shouldn’t need a damn bracelet to remind them not to do bad things. All they really are is a badge to make them different (better) than everyone else.

The point is those kids were pretty good kids, but not any better than the rest of us. They sure did think they were better though. That brings me back to Mr. Wallis. In his interview on the daily show he said “Christians need to remember that they don’t have a monopoly on morality.” YES!!!! That might not be the exact quote but it’s close and it makes the same point.

If Jesus were our president how much money would be make available to the military for invading other countries? For Nuclear Bombs? For tax loop holes and kickbacks to big business? What the fuck would Jesus do motherfucker?!?!?!

I want more people to start wearing those stupid bracelets again because I think people really do need a constant reminder. Because lots of people are not asking themselves “What would Jesus do?” nearly enough. Mr Bush, would Jesus have done the same things are you have over the past 4 years? If you say yes, you’re a liar and you don’t really believe or understand what the divine means.

My problem is I don’t believe but I understand this religious crap better than most of the people that DO believe. Everyday I see the hypocrisy that is passing for moral values all around me and it makes me sick. There is one guy that get it though, Jim Wallis. I want this guy to be a star! I want Jim Wallis to take over TV. I may not agree with his religious view but I know where he’s coming from. I don’t believe that Jesus was God but if you live like he did your doing pretty damn good. Better than me, and better than YOU!

Now tell me how I’m wrong. I’d like to know. I’ve thought about this very subject at length for years now and I have not come to a satisfactory conclusion. Flame away.


Yeah, I noticed that Sarah blogged about Jim Wallis today too. You guys hear this shit before me because The Daily Show comes on after my bedtime. I feel your pain on the whole WWJD thing. You know what I think? It seems that whenever religion gets brought out for political reasoning people suddenly forget about the New Testament. We here all these religious morality excuses for defense of marriage as well as everything else, but really Jesus preached tolerance. I could go on and on but I won't. The point is the christian right doesn't seem to understand their own religion they just tramp it out and find ways to confirm their own beliefs. It's sad because it's the extreme right making the whole faith community look bad. It's good that people like Jim Wallis can write intelligent things and remind people that there are some in the faith community that aren't total wack jobs.

I hope your quote is accurate because that is perfect. Christians don't have a monopoly on morality. Did people suddenly forget that Christianity is not the only religion in the world. Besides that you don't have to be a member of any cult to have a set of morals. The main morality of most the worlds religions tend to be in agreeance with each other. That doesn't mean that agnostics and atheists are not moral people. To me it tends to point to the fact that humans have a tendency to agree on a relatively easy set of moral beliefs. Anyway, I'm typing too much I'm done.


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Brute-forcing unreleased GTA San Andreas cheat codes

I post this for chuck and everyone else that enjoys the Grand Theft Auto game series. This is totally fucking AWESOME from a geek standpoint but I'm sure that we are losing blog readers from this post. Fuck-it! I don't like you people anyway.


Dude, I may like my GTA but I'm not that fucked up. I don't have enough time, energy or desire to do that kind of shit. Plus, you are now degrading all the people like me that like the challenge of beating a game without cheating. What the hell do you take me for? A lazy cheater? Are you calling me lazy? Are you calling me a cheater? Well FUCK YOU. I'm calling you an asshole.


Chuck, you are lazy. You are an asshole. That is not up for discussion. And, yes, you are a cheater and you like it. Fucking deal.


Monday, January 17, 2005

Chuck and Adam Do Everything Podcast Episode #17



Friday, January 14, 2005

Bloggers that like us

I am sitting here in my cube bored off my ass so I decided to make a list of all the kewl people that comment on this blog. I'm doing this mainly to see if any of these people notice so if you read this crap post a comment here and add a like to your blog if I haven't already put one below.

Sarah: What is Past is Prologue
She is my favorite!

Branshine: Episodes of Drinking and Dialing in Brandyland
Very Funny stuff

Cattiva: Does This Mean I'm a Grown-Up?
Only commented once but has a kewl blog as well.

Martinilove: This is it.............
Same comment as for cattiva.

Posthipchick: Post-Hip Chick
I read some old posts and found them quite enjoyable.

Claire: Life Despite God
No description will fit.

This guy has his heart in the right place but there is still something missing.

LinF: Babblings Of The Broken Hearted
Funny Blog. Clever girl.

Nate: Nater's Random Thoughts
Just started a new blog so lets get him some readers. I expect good things from Nate.


Podcast #16

I posted a new podcast late last night. I little lower energy than usual but still pretty high quality. Chuck and I want to encourage all the people that read this blog, and enjoy it, to listen to the podcast as well. If you like our writing I'm sure you'll like our podcast as well. Also, if you don't mind, first time listeners please post a comment here so we can give you a shout out on the show. Cheers!


Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Gizmodo : Laptops/PCs : Apple Archives

Apple iProduct

This is for all you mac lovers out there. You may now stick it you know where.


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More Funny

I just have too much funny to share with everyone today. Here is a funny rant I heard on Let me know what you think.


Donkey Friend

Be forewarned that this video is not appropriate for anyone who is not a sick fuck. I just couldn't keep from posting this. It's just too good. Enjoy!


Fuck Those Yellow "Support Our Troops" Magnets

NO, I'm not anti-patriotic. I'm just as American as anybody. My problem is that those idiotic magnets do NOTHING to help "Support Our Troops". There are 2 things that we can do to support our troops and putting fucking magnets on your car is not one of them. First, pay your taxes and don't cheat. Second, elect leaders that will use the military properly. This is not what is currently happening.

Those idiotic magnets are a constant reminder to me that we have millions of troops overseas killing people for no good reason and everyone with a yellow "Support Our Troops" magnet on their car thinks that is a GREAT thing. "They attacked us on 9-11, let's kill'em all!!!!" If you have one of those magnets on your car that is what you are telling me everyday. And I'm not the only one. Some people IN the military agree with me. Shouldn't that tell you something.

One final note. I was visiting my inlaws last weekend and stopped to get some gas. I waited inside the gas station while the tank was being filled and happened upon a nice surprise. They were selling those stupid fucking magnets there for $0.99 but that's not the best part. They were made, you guessed it, in Taiwan. If that's not patriotic I don't know what is. God bless America.


Monday, January 10, 2005

Podcast #15

This show was recorded right after the last show but I'm posting today to keep you all interested until we can record another show this Wed. 31 minutes. Good Shit! The Laptop came today so the next show will RULE!!!!!

Friday, January 07, 2005

Chuck and Adam Do Everything Podcast Episode #14

The latest podcast was posted VERY late last night, or early this morning. I guess it just depends on how you look at it. In any case I was up late last night being a total jackass and getting drunk while I finished putting the show together. Thankfully we recorded the show before I lost my mind so it won't suck. I mean, it will. But not more that usual.

I have no idea why I thought it would be a good idea to drink lots of beer last night. I mean, I'm at work right now and all I can think about is trying to find a place to hide so I can curl up into a big fat ball and take a nap. But there is nowhere to hide in this place. FUCK!!! I'm so stupid. Anyway, comment on this post if you have something to say about this show.

Also, we recorded our audition podcast that we will be sending to Mickey's (Fine Malt Liquor) along with our sponsorship application. I think it turned out great but we still don't have any chance of getting something from them. Oh well........But what if we did? NO, Adam. Stop it. We won't. Ok.


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

New Podcast

Chuck and Adam Do Everything Podcast Episode 13 is up! I think it is one of our better show, but as always, you will be the judge. Download at your own risk.


It may be one of the better shows. But... What Adam forgets is that every show is irrelevant and shouldn't be intended for public consumption. Listen anyway though. Go ahead... Waste your time. Let us know how much we suck too. We like to hear that.


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