Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Brute-forcing unreleased GTA San Andreas cheat codes

I post this for chuck and everyone else that enjoys the Grand Theft Auto game series. This is totally fucking AWESOME from a geek standpoint but I'm sure that we are losing blog readers from this post. Fuck-it! I don't like you people anyway.


Dude, I may like my GTA but I'm not that fucked up. I don't have enough time, energy or desire to do that kind of shit. Plus, you are now degrading all the people like me that like the challenge of beating a game without cheating. What the hell do you take me for? A lazy cheater? Are you calling me lazy? Are you calling me a cheater? Well FUCK YOU. I'm calling you an asshole.


Chuck, you are lazy. You are an asshole. That is not up for discussion. And, yes, you are a cheater and you like it. Fucking deal.



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