Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Best Man Fail

This is GREAT!!!


Blogger Zack Lynch said...

Hey Adam,

I hope this gets to you.

I'm the founder of HealthRally, a new software company focused on health motivation. I found you via your tweets, so I'm assuming you are health-oriented, tech savvy and like to try new things.

We'd like you to try HealthRally and give us feedback before we bring it to the public. We think you would be a great fit.

HealthRally is a private social network where you choose a health goal like losing weight, pick a reward that could motivate you, and then invite your close friends and family to cheer you on and motivate you to succeed with pledges toward your reward.

It's a new approach, and we are seeing our first group of users achieve their goals and have a bunch of fun in the process.

Can I send you a link to sign in and try?

Just send me a note at zack@healthrally.com



4/08/2011 4:13 PM  

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