Sunday, March 11, 2007

CAADE E103 Dreamz Destroyed

It really does appear that we are pod-fading and for that I am truly sorry. I just wish that I could do something about it. Maybe we can make the fade last a long time though. Who knows? Here is the latest podcast. I hope you shed a tear. I sure did.


P.S. I really didn't cry at all during this podcast. If you cry your a pussy!


Blogger Ow.Balls. said...

Yes you assholes were confusing your Harry's.
The dude you were thinking of is 'Jared Spears'.
I'll paste his email, you can remember him because he is way funnier than me...
"What up, my podcasting niggaz?

Hey, you asked us listeners to email your ass so here it is! If I only have one complaint about your show is that you don't put out enough of them! I have been a listener and subscriber since last November and have been looking forward to every show since! Sometimes I feel like I have to grab a beer from the fridge, sit down at the kitchen table while listening, and I feel like that I am apart of the discussion. Keep 'em coming!

I also thank you homos for turning me on to a couple other podcasts that I can't live without; the Twisted Pickle, hosted by that mid-American cornholer, Corby, and that witty hippy podcast from Oregon, FrankWhit. By the way, what the fuck kind of name is CORBY?!? Sounds like a gay midget porno star's name.

These three podcasts are my favorites and wish every listener would jump on the bandwagon and push you guys to the top.

Your podcast listener bitch,
PS. Fuck Bush! "

So there ya go. Jman likes you. Well...I don't know he'd of liked this one, unless he likes NIN, then it was pretty rock on.


3/16/2007 9:10 AM  

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