Wednesday, January 31, 2007


This is just too GREAT not to post. Kisses!!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ken Malley? Who the fuck is that?

Hey guys. This picture reminds me of the time I had to do some roadie equipment setup for one of these Gay Pride festivals in one of the building here in my town. When we were done with the setup at the Pride fest, me and someone else had to walk about 3 blocks to the park for Sunfest. Quickest way was through the back door of the building and through the crowd of the gay parade people. But as we got to the edge of the crowd (somewhere near the the sidewalk of the road) was a line of police men, keeping the christan gay haters at bay with their "God hates Fags" signs on the other side of the road. It was funny yet scary at the same time cause we just walked through the three crowds like it was nothing. It was almost like a scene in Braveheart where the massive battle in the field hasn't begun yet, and they are all lined up nicely and shit like that. Only difference was that there was police in the middle, and it was the christan vs. homo version. Strangely, no one bothered us at all, weird.

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