Friday, January 21, 2005

NPR : Rev. Wallis: Sojourners and Politics

NPR : Rev. Wallis: Sojourners and Politics

Here is a link to and interview that NPR did with Rev. Jim Wallis on 01-21-05. It's a little over 20 minutes long but I highly recomend giving it a listen. This guy gives an eloquent voice to religious liberals. This guy has his head on straight. If you listen to this interview you will have a good view into my mind on current politics.



Blogger FERN-tastic said...

Jim Wallis is awesome. He is about the only religious leader I can stand to listen to. This guy is not about spewing hate like so many religious people do these days. I heard a comment recently from him along the lines of: Since when did Jesus become about capital gains tax cuts for the wealthy and pre-emptive war? I definately respect this guy a lot.

1/21/2005 1:41 PM  

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