Thursday, October 19, 2006

CAADE E98 Adam sucks more than Keith Olbermann

It's been almost a month since our last podcast and for that I am deeply sorry. I really only heard one person complain though. That was Corby and he told me that he didn't even want to listen to our last "Fear of a Black Hat" show. Andyway, this show clocks in at just over an hour and for most of that time Chuck, Anna and I argue a lot about the future of mass media and I just can't seem to say a damn thing that makes sense at all. Maybe I'm out of practice or something. Also I think Chuck was dissagreeing with me just to fuck with me but who knows.

I hope you all like this one and I hope it's not another month before we do another.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the Corby person about the last podcast. The movie commentary was totally gay. It was the first podcast from you guys that I haven't finished.

It sucked mainly because the entire time the movie was on, the podcast consisted of the movie's audio and you guy's laughs.

Oh boy.

The only enjoyable part was you guys turned off the movie and Anna talked about the really creepy drunk guy and her 'heaving bosoms'. That's good shit.

If you guys do another movie commentary I will try my hardest to find enough money to fly myself up there and personally kick both of you square in the nuts.

Keep up the otherwise good work.


10/20/2006 6:35 PM  
Blogger Jack said...

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10/20/2006 6:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay Adam, you got totally raped during that, Chuck is a better arguer, he is calmer...
Here is my two cents (is that the right expression?)I think the age of media barons who have so much power that they are able to sway entire elections will likely die away. With the age of new medias and all that junk there will be so many places to get your information that a small number (or under ten at least) of channels that have tens of millions of viewers that can dictate opinion for a large portion of the country with one commentator.
But, large portions of the country are always gonna look to a major source for their news, be it a blog, news site or 24 hour news network. The ones they will look to will be the most popular, mainly because the represent the most amount of people at once. These ones will therefore the most powerful and influential. So even though you now have fifty opinion formers rather than just the ten that we have now. You can see that now with blogs. You guys could say how much of a liar Bill O'Reilly is, and find a real point he has totally lied on. You might get a shit load of listeners because of it, or it is more likely you wouldn't, and the five of us that listen would just think 'hey yeah, Chuck and Adam,and Ana, are totally right, what a schmuck O'Reilly is'.
But if one of the giant Liberal blogs, that have opinions that are more mainstream then what you guys preach posted it up, then you would get a million readers writing to Fox News about Bill O'Reilly, and maybe he would address on air what 'traitors' these bloggers are.
Fuck...I forgot what I was arguing about...maybe I'll finish another time.
anyway...that was more like a nickle or dime, not just two cents.
peace out


10/25/2006 1:07 PM  

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