Thursday, April 28, 2005

Portland Podcasting Meetup Group Tonight

The Portland Podcasting Meetup Group is tonight at the Cedar Hills Crossing Conference Room at 7pm. Myself and others will be bringing our podcasting gear to show off and share podcasting techniques. So IM your friend and email your neighbors and come out and hang with all of us loud mouth geeks.



Blogger Corby said...

Enjoyed 39. Cut short by god damn Am. Idol, though....can't wait for that show to end so you guys can give me some more time.

Psyco-fan: Thanks for the "he's not psyco" designation....

Glad you enjoy my posts, sorry they are too long to read...scotch'll do that to ya...hence this one.

Chuck, you're a fag for going to the boxer party. lol. Laughed my ass off picturing it. I was listening at work and only caught that part slightly...I pictured you in some cupid boxers..didn't realize until a quick re-listen that you were talking about a fuckin dog. lol

Adam....enough said about "sausage party" I guess. lol. And I'd still drink your Pacific Northwest ass under the table no matter how big ya are (we're built the same, judging from that goofy ass photo you posted of yourself on the blog a while back). I'd love to get all hammered up with ya and hang. Maybe someday the bride and I'll make it back to Portland.

Oh yea, Portland...I just heard you guys have some corpse fuckers up there somewhere....ya see that in the news? Outstanding! lol.

Alright, enough rambling. Can't wait for the drunken show 40.

Oh yea, Adam, good luck on the Intel interview. BTW, tell'em that fucking Celeron chip is like a $3 Mexican real, real a real, real bad way...

4/28/2005 6:37 PM  

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