Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ron Paul: A New Hope


Blogger Ow.Balls. said...

There is a reason Ron Paul is so popular on college campus in relation to his standing nationwide, in that what is he saying makes perfect sense for anyone under 35-ish. The idea of not having to support a huge government funding costly and wasteful beurocracies (not to mention the trillion dollar war in the video).
The problem is the baby boomers are the biggest demographic out there, and also the biggest bunch of assholes. They are coming up to retirement, they want people to pay taxes so they can relax and collect pensions and live in Florida, after they had possibly the easiest working climate in modern history. These are the same people who were so easily tricked into thinking that their kids soccer game would get bombed by 'the al-Qaeda'.
It is no longer their turn, they have had their presidents. There is the real craptastic possibility that it will be a choice of Rudy or Hilary.

Seeing this has made me think that I might actually go out and register Republican (slightly a horrible thought, I have never ever wanted to register for any party...).

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