Monday, October 03, 2005


I admit it. I have had a recent unhealthy obsession with the Firefly TV show on DVD and the new movie that came out last Friday, Serenity. Every free second I have had in the last week or so has pretty much been devoted to it. I tend to exhibit this kind of behavior from time to time. I get all caught up in some TV show or a book or some crazy shit on the internets. The big problem with this kind of behavior is what happens after the manic obsessive period it over. I guess I'm the nerd equivalent of a manic depressive. I'm not really a manic depressive but when it comes my weird behavior I guess an argument can me made. So that is where I'm at right now. I have been living and breathing this whole Firefly/Serenity things for about a week and a half and I went and saw the movie last Sunday.

Begin lousy movie review:
I so very much wanted to love this movie. I tried will all my soul to fall in love with it. It just didn't happen. That is not to say that Serenity isn't a good movie. It's probly the best sci-fi movie to come out this year. The reason I didn't like the movie more is my own fault. You know how in lost of horror movies they never show you the villain till the very end and it seems like it is going to be really scary when you finally meet the villain but then you do and it's not that scary and the whole thing kinda falls apart? Well, that is pretty much what happens to this movie. There were many aspects of the plot in the firefly TV that were mysteries. This created a general ambiance of mystery in Firefly that was very interesting and kept my attention. Most of the fun of watching sci-fi for me is trying to predict what is going to happen. If I know what is going to happen it's not really fun to watch. Watching Serenity burst that mystery bubble for me. All these burning questions that I had about the characters were answered but it also pretty much ended my interest in this series. I don't know if they can ever get my back on board, not that I don't want to. So, I liked the movie but it pretty much ruined it for me. I guess I should have just said that and left it there. Sorry for wasting your time.



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