Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Podcast Housekeeping (Do you need any towels....sheets?)

Well, I have a bunch of announcements and housekeeping items that we need to talk about in the Podcast tonight. These have been building up for some time so I'm going to list them all here so I don't forget.

#1. New Voicemail Number
I signed up for a different voicemail service for the podcast. The one we have been using has crappy sound quality and sends me the files in a weird proprietary format. For now on use this number if you want to make an audio comment on the show 206-338-2494

#2. New RSS Feed
I signed up for a feedburner account so I can track how many downloads of the podcast we have. The catch is everyone needs to update the RSS feed they are using to download the show for it to work. Use the following URL.

#3. Question for the audience
I have been thinking about paying for a real hosting service for a long time. I even talked about it on the last podcast I think. I want to know if anyone sees and benefit for themselves if I do this? All the past shows would be up and available all the time so if you missed on you could get it. Does anyone want this?

I think that's it. I may remember more things before we do the show tonight. More comments are always welcome.


Blogger Suzy said...

#3: Answer from at least one member of the audience:
Do not really think you need to get more space, cause from the little that I do understand if someone really wants a past show, then they could always contact you and you can send it via e-mail right?

Now, beyond the question: That was a great show you guys. It was fun. However, made me miss Portland and everyone even more especially since I am stuck here and cannot even go home. But I appreciate the sympathy. :) Can you believe it snowed in New Orleans?!?!? JUST when I thought the weather up north was clearing and I could make my Europe connection. My goodness!


ps: as for the "Diet Coke +" it is two of my gulps. Then again I like it stronger than most people...

12/27/2004 11:33 AM  
Blogger Claire said...


12/30/2004 8:08 PM  

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