Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Nerd Post Alert

I am a nerd. Everyone knows this. At least you do now. I have been even more nerdy than usual lately. I dream of laptops and bluetooth cell phones at night. I write in very short sentances.

Anyway, I really really want a couple of these cheap (cheap=$60) condenser mics that I found a few days ago. And if I get new mics, I need to have a new mixer to make it all work right. Right? And new cables and adapters to hook it all up. WOW, if I had a laptop with Wi-Fi and and an EDGE card I could do a SWEET podcast from anywhere!! You can see how nerds can go into debt quickly.

ONE DAY I WILL have this set-up, or the equivalent in the current technologies of the time when I can afford it. I hope that time isn't more than 5 years from now but it probly is. I feel cold.


Why do I hang out with this nerd? Seriously? Dreams about tech gadgets. Dude at least I dream about like Pythagorean Triples and Zero Sum Games. Uhhh... I mean I dream about hot chicks.



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