Thursday, October 19, 2006

Olbermann: the beginning of the end of America

I'm wondering why in the hell MSNBC keeps letting Keith Olbermann make these types of editorial asides. I don't believe for one minute that MSNBC's management is just giving the editorial department a free hand. That type of journalism has been dead for a long time. For a look into the past checkout the movie "Good Night and Good Luck". I liked it but my wife fell asleep about half way through. Probly sooner than that but she always falls asleep during movies. Damn this pregnancy thing.

Ok back on topic. MSNBC must feel that because they have singled out one commentator to make these saditous speeches they can claim to they corporate sponsors and advertisers that Mr. Olbermann speaks just for himslf and not for the network while at the same time apearing to be a like a Edward R. Murrow of old to lure in young and openminded people like me. Well probly not like me. I'm not openminded, especially when it comes to MSNBC or any other news network. I just don't trust those fuckers no matter how many speeches Olbermann gives telling us how fucked up George W. Bush is. I truly don't believe that they know what they are doing. Case in point, the above video. MSNBC is making no money off it and has no real control over it. They would never do something like that knowingly, which is why I can't trust them.

Until the days of the internet and the blogosphere corporate bias and left or right slant is something that we had to just accept about tv news and newspapers. But not anymore. Keith Olberman shouldn't be on MSNBC. He should be his own station all on his own. Independent and free to rant till he's blue in the face or not but his words would stand on their own merit without the billboard of MSNBC behind it. And so should everyone else. In my lifetime I believe this will be the case. Personal publishing will kill news networks. It must. End rant now.



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