Friday, January 20, 2006

The Newest Podcast from Barack Obama

If you are not listening to this guy's podcast, or at the very least reading his blog, you are really missing out. Sen. Obama is one of the only examples of openness and transparency in our national government. Even though I am not one of his constituents, though I wish I was, I feel like he really cares about my welfare. Listen to his latest HERE podcast and see if you don't agree.

It is a great fear of mine that this Senator is just like nearly all the other politicians in Washington with all their spin, closed door shady deals and corruption. Although my famous "Taint Sensor" tells me that he isn't. The reason I have this fear is I believe he will be the first black President of this country. And that has the potential to help usher in another decade of growth and prosperity like we saw in the Clinton years. Who wouldn't want that? Another piece of that puzzle is a MAJOR "Cleaning of House" in Congress. Pun intended. Something has got to give there or this country is totally screwed.

Here is to more blogging from Chuck and I. Cheers!


P.S. To learn more about "Taint Sensors" watch the Daily Show for 01/17/06. I would seriously go freaking nuts without the Daily Show.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I wish I could feel so optimistic. I love Barak Obama. He is clearly intelligent, articulate, caring, and so utterly sane. But I seriously wish he would not affiliate himself with the Democrats, who have done literally nothing to stop the illegal bullshit that is now going on in this Administration. If anyone is representative of the Democrats, it's people like Hillary Clinton, whose betrayal on the issue of freedom of choice, and her silly pandering to right-wing whackjobs about flag-burning of all things, has eviscerated any whisper of a check or balance in this government. I wish he would align himself as Independent, because in the end the stupid DNC will more than likely do the same damn thing they have been doing for decades now: wring their hands, fret about pleasing all people all the time, and insist that folks like Obama "tone it down" or they won't get money, supported, etc.

1/25/2006 1:12 PM  

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