Wednesday, December 01, 2004

CAADE Topics 12/01/04

Ok, so the Chuck and Adam Do Everything show is up and running. Adam and I have decided to post topics on this blog. It may be dumb but so are we. This seems to be a way we can introduce and remember topics without having to worry about losing them. It also gives us a chance to do some contemplating and make sure the ideas aren't to stupid to use on air.

Here are a few I am considering...

Maria Shriver wants constitutional amendment to allow naturalized citizens to run for president. Hmmm wonder why…

South Korean company selling gold plated umbilical cords to 80-100 parents a year

Toy that reads to your kids, because you are a lazy fuck parent.

Afghani’s using camels to smuggle drugs. Use um if you got um

Filming yourself beating someone down and then making it a music video

36.5% failure rate in OLCC tests

Guys arrested for dumping dirt in a national forest

Woman admitting to “sexual activity” with daughters 8 year old friend. Caught be mom finding love letter. Let him shave her.

Lava lamp explodes and kills man with heart piercing glass shard

So sometimes my ideas are good and other times they suck. Mostly I like to talk about random shit I read or hear about. However I think we need to do an entire show about fucking stupid people that don't need to have children... EVER.


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