Monday, June 23, 2008

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Does God have mass?

Jimbo posted a comment to my last post here and as I was going to respond to him I started writing and found there was much more to say than just another comment to the last post. So here is my full reply.

Jimbo Said...
Profound. Here is a question for you, does God have mass?

Do you mean does God go to church mass? Or does God have physical mass in the Newtonian sense? I think both of these questions are interesting.

One, does God go to church? The people who go to church would say that God is there with them, not that there is any way to test it. But given that God is indeed real I see no reason to doubt that he is there in church. Church to God is probably like a weekly awards show like the Oscars or the Emmys. Actors always go to the awards shows where they have been nominated without an shame of vanity so why not God. Mass is all about praise to God so why should God not be there to soak it up.

Two, does God have Newtonian mass? If God had mass then there must exist some kind of God Particle. I'm not talking about the Higgs Boson. Maybe that makes God Dark Matter? Why then is God always called "the light"? Maybe that means God is photons but I doubt it. It is also said that God is love. So maybe God is made of "love particles." This implies that if you love someone you would be firing love particles at them thus creating some kind of love radiation. Maybe that is the origin of the phrase "love hurts." That would kind of explain a lot wouldn't it?

In any case there is no evidence for any of those things so it doesn't really matter. I just thought I would have some fun trying to be clever and I failed as usual. But I hope this answers your question.


To anyone who believes something without evidence please just stop it. Your kinda holding back the human race.


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