Friday, March 17, 2006

CAADE E76 Day Before Adam B-Day

Guinness is GOOD!!! The Zigens. Adam's nose can't adapt to Las Vegas. One Eyed crying. Green Guinness bottle cozy. Adam hated hand-fulls of green snot. Jackie tries to vacuum during the podcast and Chuck farts into the mic. Snot is bad at band camp. News coverage of Iraq sucks. Paul makes bad desicions. Adam leaves a VM for Corby of the Twisted Pickle. You better be using bloglines. Adama sucks. The french hate american veterans. Adama kinda sucks. Long live the broomstick!!!! Andu R rocks!!! Andy from frankwit can lick my ass. If you try hard you can find Chuck's house. I'm andy's podcasting daddy. Weekends are better. Adam is way out of line. We try to get taken to court by playing a "bad" NIN song.



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