Wednesday, March 08, 2006

CAADE E75 Frankwit Licks Balls

Chuck and Adam have 75 motherfucking episodes. Here is a quick rundown of #75.

George Carlin likes autoerotic exfixiation. But we likes partners. Frankwit was supposed to be on the show with us but could not make it because Andy has lava flowing out his ass. Adam thinks IBS is bullshit, chuck disagrees. Adam likes to offend people with talk of giant elephant penis. We drink champagne. The Champagne was $7. Jackie falls on her ass! She did pause the TV before she fell. Acid won't dissolve PEEPS. You need different shit. Gay people are not gay. We stalk the Movie Preview Guy. Click this. Natalie portman on SNL. We play the most recent episode of Benjamin Walker's Theory of Everything. Adam doens't care who controls our ports. WOW is he wrong. Adam could not remember who Bill Hick was. But them we find it.

I have the secret of the lava ass and I will use it on you if you don't listen to this show.



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