Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Dear all Meth Freaks,
If you are a meth head and your reading this please email me, we need to talk. Us normal people are not much different from you people. Honestly people like me wouldn't give a flying shit what you did to yourselves if we never had to see you or get our cars stolen by you and our property stolen by you. This video is the best example I have seen as to why people that make and use Meth should be shot. If you just left us alone we would leave you alone. But you just can't seem to figure that out. Can you. Oh, wait, what was that? You want me to tell you about the rabbits again? ok. Someday real soon, we got and buy that farm. We'll plant a garden and we can have rabbits too. Won't that me nice? FUCKING RABBITS! BANG!! Nighty night.
Adam Ritenour


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