Friday, May 27, 2005

MTV doesn't FEED....

It seems that T-Rizzle was all set to perform at the MTV joke music awards but got cut for a really really bad reason. I know this is last decades news but MTfuckers have no balls. Yet another instance of corporate America being the small minded little fuck wads that they are. I haven't watched MTshit in years and now I know why.


Update: It seems the jackoffs at MTcrap have redefined their own maximum level of douche-bagedness. Check out their "statement" about why they cut NIN loose.

Quick note to MTshit, try to listen to and grok a song's lyrics BEFORE you book the band to play that song at one of your stupid ass, fake, boring, IQ plummeting awards shows.


Blogger JB said...

Hey, thanks for the comments on my blog!

As for MTV, I agree that they are complete shit. I thought that rock bands were supposed to be politically conscious—whatever happened to standing up to the government and making a statement? Whatever happened to hip drumbeat driven, political activism?

You know who does this well right now? Green Day. I love them. They’re “Jesus of Suburbia” is pure genius.

MTV is more about bubble gum pop, reality TV, spring break, Carson Daly (or whoever he is) crap, anyway. They haven’t made their station about music for a long, long time. And if they don’t plan to reward artists who take risks and speak their minds then they have definitely sold out.

5/27/2005 2:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

MTV has sucked balls for about 17 years..I've come to expect nothing of them. The revolution will not be televised.

6/01/2005 10:38 AM  

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