Friday, September 26, 2008

Fiscal conservative. [pics]

balls balls balls balls

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not a Democrat by any stretch of the imagination. I disagree with their positions on government regulation of certain aspects of the economy, especially the Fed (which I also disagree with the Republicans on). I have sort of a mish-mash of constitutionalist, libertarian, and green party ideals.

But, yeah, it's pretty black and white when you look at the numbers. Historically, unemployment rates and economic growth are both historically lower and faster, respectively, with Democrats in office. The middle class shows better growth during Democratic presidencies as well. Even the uber-wealthy have benefitted more under Democratic presidencies than Republican presidencies despite seeing decreases in the rich-poor gap during Democratic presidencies and increases in the gap during Republican presidencies. And when I say Democratic presidencies, I don't just mean Clinton. It's truly mind boggling that people still equate the Republican party with strong economics and conservative spending.


10/08/2008 6:20 AM  

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