Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Ok, so I haven't done so good on my promise to blog more. I'll keep trying.

I've been reading all these blogs about music and MP3's and everyone and their mother plus their mother's 2nd cousin and his dog have been blogging about Gnarls Barkley. I figured I had to check it out if they are getting this much attention. From what I've read their album even made it to the top of the UK charts strictly on MP3 play. That seems impressive. So I was going in to this experiment with high expectations. I listened to two songs. Crazy, a song that seems to be on every little british hipsters iPod and Gone Daddy Gone a cover of an old Violent Femmes tune.

All I can say is... Crazy? Total crap. I've taken shits that were more impressive. Gone Daddy Gone? Well if Crazy is a pile of my shit then Gone Daddy Gone is a pile of my shit with another pile of Maggie shit on top. Seriously, is it just me, or have the qualifications for what is considered good music taken a serious spiral for the worst? This stuff is barely listenable. Fortunately for Gnarls Barkely most of their fans were born after the original Gone Daddy Gone was popular for the Femmes. Nobody who has heard the original could ever like this cover version. It is truly awful.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank god
That song sucks such balls
Yet....i have heard it about 4 times a day for the past month

5/17/2006 8:18 AM  

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