Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Fuel Update

National average went up again this time $.30. Last week $2.59 this week $2.89. Thats it. Just your update.


All you small minded assholes who voted for Bush last year. This is partially your fault. Not mine. Your fucking fault!!!! Learn from your stupid mistake and help us impeach this fuck face. This is your penance for your sin.

--Father Adam


Blogger JB said...

What the hell would I do without the two of you to put everything into perspective for me?

Adam--I completely agree that it’s nearly impossible to write anything meaningful about the hurricane. How do we avoid not sounding overly sentimental and trite? What can a blogger possibly add that is truly important? The media’s apparently endless appetite for stories of destruction and mayhem--they’re love of the sensational--makes it very difficult to engage in what is actually happening.

Chuck--I paid $42 to gas up my car today, and last week it only took $34 and the week before that it was $31. I’m getting nervous. And pissed. I don’t want to pay penance for a sin I didn’t commit, damn it!

9/08/2005 9:33 PM  

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