Friday, May 06, 2005

Pesky Darwin

So evolution is on trial again in Kansas. Sorry, I don't feel like linking the article. Ya'll know how to google right? Anyway, I'm confused. How is it wrong to teach a leading scientific theory in a science class? Here is my favorite quote from the article...

"They are offering an answer that may be in conflict with religious views," Harris said in opening the debate. "Part of our overall goal is to remove the bias against religion that is currently in schools. This is a scientific controversy that has powerful religious implications."

So, could I also complain that religion teaches an answer in conflict with scientific views? I want to remove the bias against science that seems prevalent from some christians. Apparently they think it's OK to challenge teaching science because all they want is for teachers to discuss "alternate theories". OK. But, please recognize that these alternate theories rely on a creator of some sort and are therefore religious and not scientific. Personally I don't understand the problem. Let kids learn all of the theories. You can teach them whatever you want at home or church and they can learn evolution at school. Either trust that they will believe the theory that best fits their own beliefs or shove your personal views down their throats. Either way, the only reason to fear that children learn evolution is that you fear they might believe it over YOUR religious views. At what point do parents allow their children to make informed decisions about their world view instead of cramming shit into them?



Blogger _ said...

Mind boggling, isn't it?!?

5/06/2005 10:16 AM  
Blogger Corby said...

They're still arguing the god damn Scopes Monkey trial in the local paper here....these KS fuckers don't surprise me....*sigh* what a god damn world we live in...

5/12/2005 4:24 PM  

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