Friday, December 03, 2004

Video Game Violence

Ok I'll admit I play a lot of video games. I always read these articles about how violent games perpetuate violence. Same thing with sex and violence on TV. I agree that kids seem to be growing up faster than ever and that they know more about sex and see more violence than kids of generations past. However my response to these arguments has always been... FUCK OFF video games and TV are not real and if you are not a good enough parent to distinguish between reality and fiction it is your own fucking fault that your child is a delinquent. I have no sympathy for the parent of a child who says that he ran over the neighbor becuase he did it in Grand Theft Auto or that he killed the cat because Marilyn Manson told him too. Especially not when the kid is 8 years old. What the fuck is your 8 year old doing playing Grand Theft Auto or listening to Marilyn Manson. 8 year old don't have jobs. The only money they have is the money they got from you or the money they stole. If they are stealing then fuck you again... didn't you teach your kid not to steal? If you gave it to them.. why aren't you paying attention to what they purchase? After all, someone took them to the store. So what brought this on? Well I'm playing the new Grand Theft Auto right now. Yeah, it's fucked up. You are basically a gang member taking over the hood and fucking chicks. Sweet. But I can distinguish between this fiction and my real life. I don't carry a gun and I don't pick up hookers. Furthermore if I had children they would not be allowed to play this game. Actually, I wouldn't play it with them in the house unless they were asleep. Why? Because I would limit what my children have access to. Instead, I saw this mother the other night buying her 8-11 year old son the strategy guide for this game. Why in the world would you willing buy your kid this game? Then people complain about kids playing these games. Well if dipshit parents like this snatch didn't let their kids play the shit in the first place it wouldn't be a problem. I know some people are going to say I'm naive and that kids will get the game whether the parents try and stop them or not. FUCK YOU. I won't dispute that. Again, I respond that parents should be able to teach their children the difference between RIGHT/WRONG as well as FICTION/REALITY. If your kids go out shoot the neighbors, run over pedestrians, fuck anything in sight and kill cops there is either something seriuosly wrong with them beyond the point of video games or sex and violence on TV or you are just a dumbshit parent who didn't do your fucking job. So QUIT blaming my fucking video games.


here is a review of San Andreas if you want it.
San Andreas Review

Amen, brother!!! We are a culture of blame. It's not our fault. It's the media/TV/Video Games/Government/Insert Skapegoat Here. Just fucking sack-up and deal with our fucked up world. Oops I just lit my ass on fire. I'm sueing!!!



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