Wednesday, December 08, 2004

John Mayer Sucks

That's it. He Sucks. I can't stand people that say "Oh it's great he's bringing back the singer-songwriter." Fuck You. There were plenty of singer-songwriters before him and there will be many after. You stupid fans of John Mayer's high-school lyrics and lame melodies, if you want to hear real singer songwriters check out Ryan Adams, Pete Yorn, Joe Firstman, Ray LaMontagne or Howie Day. These artists are the real singer-songwriters of today. They may not get airplay but they have good music with real lyrics instead of shit from a teenage girls journal.

Going back to my rant about pop music yesterday check out what Joe Firstman had to say.

US Weekly, and these type of publications that are more concerned with Ashton Kutcher's beard than they are Bush's atrocites should be ashamed. and even the Newsweek type magazines' information is so skewed that we dont really become informed by succumbing to their "TORTURE IN IRAQ<>

Right on. What happened to socially conscious artists like Marvin Gaye, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell? Why do our current artists only distract us from what is happening in our society?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Howie who?

4/23/2005 6:15 AM  

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