Monday, April 10, 2006

Stuff Sucks : Sunshine Rocks

So I just got back running with my dog and the whole time I thought about two things.

#1. Stuff magazine sucks. I flew back from Bozeman, MT this weekend and had a layover in Seattle. I was bored and tired of reading intelligent fare so I bought a trashing magazine. Like any self respecting man I wanted to look at hot girls. I could have bought Playboy and seen naked girls but the articles in Playboy are a notch up from the drivel I wanted to read. So I went with barely clad girls and senseless mind rot like you only find in Stuff. They advertised a special "101 sexiest women online" bonus mag. Awesome!!! Not so much. The first 20 or so girls are just random MySpace whores. What the fuck? I totally applaud the editors for trying to find some cute girls instead of anorexic Hollywood bimbos but why the fuck did they get MySpace whores. That is almost worse. So I will forever ban Stuff and ask the rest of you to do the same.

If you are a hot girl please send me a link to your homepage with pictures and I will personally submit them to Stuff for my "Chuck's 101 sexiest women online" bonus mag.

#2. The sun is finally out. I almost broke a sweat while running with the bitch. That hasn't happened since Sept. I am always happy when the sun comes out because it means I can enjoy being outside. It rocks. So of course I am back inside typing this shit into my fucking computer. Hope you enjoyed this post, because I should be outside instead of trying to entertain the audience of readers that disapeared months ago. Fuck this.... I'm going outside.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

wasn't stuff some technology magazine??

I second that idea for Chucks 101 sexiest....

4/12/2006 10:47 AM  

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