Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Damn Unions

This opinion piece is pretty funny. Especially the first one. My favorite line...

"Add that prescription to the unions' usual budget-busting proposals for higher teacher salaries and smaller class sizes and you have the customary recipe for continuing educational disaster."

Yeah, damn those unions for wanting smaller classes. I dare you. Find one peer reviewed article that does not find a correlation between smaller class sizes and improved performance. Yes it costs more. I understand that. But what is the point of education?

If you want a really good laugh read the "discuss" forum and see what Mr. Longhaulin the international tax consultant thinks about education in America. Now that is funny.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

These people are quite happy to have idiots grow up with no education, because they went somewhere with on underpaid teacher trying to teach 38 kids or something. They are happy for it to happen as you get idiots grow up who don't challenge them later on, and won't give a shit about how much they are screwing with the country. Everyone cares about education, to a certain point, most people see dragging themselves through high school good enough, so don't care when that is all the schools offer for the next generation.

Sorry this is all a bit convoluted, kept wanting to say shit, and couldn't write right...

4/20/2006 5:09 AM  

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