Thursday, September 01, 2005


PDS in not a disorder recognized by the AMA however, it is real. PDS stands for permanently drunk syndrome.

That is how I feel about 20% of the time lately.

It all started when I went fishing with Adam. I had the wierd sea-legs feeling where everything is moving and rocking even though you are on dry land. It NEVER went away. Not for a whole week. Then it did. Now it comes back once or twice a day.

So I went to the Dr. today. He told me I don't have a brain tumor or anything else "scary or dangerous." So as long as I'm satisfied with that they will call it "undiagnosed vertigo." Cool with me. I don't need to take tons of tests to find out there is some miniscule problem they can't fix and he didn't seem to concerned so cool. Now I have "undiagnosed vertigo" and medication to take for it if I want. However, I still will call it PDS.

I wonder, if I do get really drunk and get the spins, can I take my medication and make them go away? Hmmmm... might have to experiment.

What you doing tonight Adam? Feel like a couple 40's of Mickeys?


Yes, yes I do. Too bad I have to go down to Fry's and try to buy some stuff to fix my laptop. The podcast has to be put on hold till I can get that fucking thing fixed so that has to be my priority. Sorry bro..........

Shit, nevermind, fuck it. When do you want me to come over?



Blogger Unknown said...

Sure..the old "the lap top is broken" excuse...Adam just doesn't want me to guest on the podcast!

9/01/2005 10:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know how you feel. I am also tormented by 'undiagnosed virtigo.' That is why I rarely drink or ride roller coasters and carry a tube of dramamine with me at all times.

I used to take the meds and they 'help' with the spins but make the hang-over not worth it. I guess I had the same idea as you...

9/03/2005 8:21 AM  

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