Thursday, June 02, 2005

I Guess I Deserve This

I was commenting on another blog where the author was complaining about homosexuals. Someone responded to me by sending me this link to "arguments agains homosexuality based on science." Funny, I saw no references to scientific studies. In fact the author states that all you need is logic and common sense. Last time I checked, scientific theories, were not based on logic and common sense alone. This is the same tired argument that homosexual sex is not natural because it is not for procreation. It is just set in a point-counterpoint format and written from a hardline philosophy perspective. I'm tired of this unnatural argument. Can't people come up with something better?



Blogger JB said...

I absolutely hate how the word "science" and “scientific theory” is thrown around. People abuse these words/phrases all the time without even knowing what goes into a scientific theory—the hypothesis, the strict testing, the adherence to rigorous technical standards, the ability for others to repeat the experiment and verify it, the publication of results in a respectable scientific journal. That website is complete bullshit; it’s just some idiot ranting about his own personal opinion and trying to pretend that he actual has logic and evidence on his side.

I swear, some people will point to any trashy website as a legitimate source!

6/02/2005 6:54 PM  

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