Friday, May 06, 2005

Why Are People So Dumb?

So there are two measures being worked on in our lovely state that would allow homosexual couples to have some of the rights bestowed upon married heterosexuals. One of them involves Civil Unions and the other does not.

So I saw a quote in the paper from a guy who travelled many miles to be at the senate hearing. He said "I believe we have to protect heterosexual marriage for our children and grand-children" Hmmm... So again, I'm confused. How would allowing homosexual partners the right to make medical decisions, buy homes together, have estate rights.... without being married, in any way affect marriage between two people who have different private parts?

What is it about this concept that I don't get? If they aren't married then it has nothing to do with marriage. So really, you just don't want to let gay couples have any rights. But instead of admitting that you hate an entire group of people you shroud it in this lame "protect marriage" bullshit. I'll tell you who's fucking up marriage. All the lame HETEROSEXUAL couples who get married only to divorce 2 months later. Britney Spears... The other Hilton sister... Yep those great role models and all the others like them. If gay couples can't be married they are obviously not corrupting marriage.

I wish people would just admit the real reasons why they don't want to let gay couples have rights. Either they are homophobic or it is against their "values". Then they might be able to make a valid argument. I just hate these stupid statements that come out of the mouths of fools.



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