Thursday, May 26, 2005

Dr. Dino v Scientifc American

This is hilarious. Someone told me to listen to this guys seminars because he had some interesting theories. Yeah, I'll agree. Very interesting. Interesting that anyone believes them. This article is a response on his website to a Scientific American article. Check out the site a little, read some articles or download a seminar. The guy is a quack. I hate people that prey upon the good hearted who either have enough faith in their chosen religion or don't know enough about science to stop them from believing this kind of crap. It's a shame this guy is making millions off of them. On a lighter side, his supposed Phd isn't even from an accredited institution. Even if it was it is in Christian Education. Not science. He has a $250,000 offer he doesn't plan on paying to anyone with evidence of evolution. I'll one up him. I offer $5, and I will pay, to anyone who has physical evidence to demonstrate the truth of one of his crackpot theories. Good Luck.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It lookes like you'll be keeping that 5 dollar fortune.


6/20/2005 11:11 AM  

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