Monday, January 10, 2005

Wow... Some People are Just Too Dumb

So many things are wrong with this story.

1) Why do you leave your guns somewhere where a burglar has easy access to them and is able to break into your house steal them and hold you up with them? Wow Marge lets leave guns around the house so someone can break in and shoot us...

2) Once you have allready taken jewelry and guns why don't you just leave? Hmm... maybe it would be fun to just go fuck with these people instead of escaping.

3) If you don't leave while you can why do you instead hold up the homeowners and make them sing carols? I know it's the Christmas season lets all sing together. I don't have any friends these people will pretend if I threaten to kill them...

4) Why do you then offer to buy them pizza? Wow, all that singing and dancing made me hungry. I should buy everyone pizza.

5) Why are you playing with the guns instead of leaving? You know, before I leave I should really check the status of these guns. I wonder if they regularly clean them?

6) If you can't manage to not shoot yourself don't become an armed burglar. You know even though I don't really know anything about guns I think I'll rob people at gunpoint.

Why couldn't the burglar have just killed himself and eliminated himself from the gene pool?



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