Monday, January 17, 2005

Safeway Evangelists

Here's this weekend's story. Adam and I were hanging out on Friday. We decided to drink 40's of Mickeys fine malt liqour, BS and watch a little TV. Well, after a while we were bored. In order to cure our boredom we went to Blockbuster to rent a quality film to distract ourselves. Unfortunately there were not any quality films that we hadn't seen. So we were forced to rent mediocre stand up. While we were searching my wife called and ordered dessert so we had to hit Safeway before going home. At the cash register something triggered my brain to remember the current debate regarding evolution and the challenging of evolution as a theory in some text books. We had a little discussion about this. We didn't even speak about whether or not we thought creationism or intelligent design should be in schools or any of that. We only discussed the fact that most of the arguments from creationists come down to "Evolution is just a theory." So we complained that if that was the basis people also should attack other theories such as the theory of gravity or the theory of relativity. Things which are generally not debated. We also talked about the fact that creation and intelligent design are not scientific theories.

Well, in the middle of this discussion the lady in front of us chimes in with her "I don't mean to interrupt but I've been an evangalical christian for 10 years and..." Now, I have no problem with intellectual debate but picture this.

We are in what could only be described as a "ghetto" Safeway. We are two guys who are visibly intoxicated from 40's of malt liquor. We are obviously highly opionanted. It is 10:30 on a Friday night and we are buying chips and ice-cream. I don't think this woman made the best possible choice in choosing to talk to us. Thankfully, we were nice to her. I think. Really, I'm probably the only person that finds this amusing. But, if you know Adam and Chuck it might make you laugh.



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