Tuesday, January 11, 2005

24 and Turkish Racism

Well, lets see if I can piss some people off here...

So all these people are up in arms because there are Turkish-American citizens portrayed as terrorists on the new season of 24. Well you know I was going to try to be polite but in the effort of pissing people off... here is what I have to say. Sit and Spin. That's right if you're lucky, very lucky I might even wiggle a little.

If you are one of these people, here is the first thing I want you to do. Grab a dictionary and look up two words, fiction and nonfiction. Now tell me... which one is 24? In case you are not sure let me explain that nobody has is or ever will single handedly save America from terrorists threats three times. Nobody endures shock therapy until they undergo cardiac arrest then gets back up and keeps fighting. Let me count all the other things that happen that are not realistic in the least. I think the number is 12,342.7.

I'm not saying that I think it's OK for ANY media outlet to portray minorities or those of foreign ancestory in negative roles or to propagate stereotypes. It is not OK. It is not OK for 24 to always have foreign terrorists. It is not OK for CSI to have the majority of criminals be black. It is not OK for "journalism" to enhance stereotypes. This is what I am saying.

In this instance you are missing the bigger picture. This is not about a TV show propagating stereotypes against Turkish citizens. 24 is a show about terrorism and it has to appeal to people to get ratings. There is a reason it gets good ratings, they have figured out how to appeal to the masses. The masses right now are not worried about domestic terrorism, they are worried about foreign terrorists. Why? Because of terrorists attacks that the news media won't let us forget about and the foreign war we are currently entangled in. In this instance I think it is more likely that 24 is reflecting the bias and prejudice of americans. A prejudice ncouraged by the news media that is supposed to be nonfiction. Attacking 24 is a waste of time. Attack the prejudice in the public around you and the news that allows and encourages it's continuation. Attacking 24 is easier because it allows you to pretend your neighbors don't actual have prejudices against Islamic people or those with middle eastern background. Don't settle for the easy out. Attack the real problem.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent points Chuck, and thank you :)

1/11/2005 1:59 PM  

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