Monday, December 20, 2004

Think Before You Buy

No... No... No...

If you are the type of person that forgets to turn shit off before falling asleep then buy a heating pad with an automatic shut off. If you don't buy one with an auto-off then don't fall asleep. If you do fall asleep and burn yourself don't blame the company you bought it from. When did we start letting people sue for their own stupidity?

I wish I could sue someone for my ignorance. Maybe I'll sue my parents for supplying faulty genes.


If these guys can sue for their own stupidity I want to sue people for their stupidity. Wouldn't it be great? There would be no dumb rich people any more. Not really a bad thing. But then there would be lots of really smart and devilishly agressive rich people running around looking for sucker. Not a good thing. Oh well, It's not like I could take advantage of that kind of a dead anyway. I just want to be able to sue Chuck for making our podcast suck. Ya, I said it! Wha ya gunna do? PUNK!?!?!?!


Wha I gunna do? I'll tell you. First I'm GOING TO tell Adam's dumb ass to learn how to spell and quit typing shit like Ya, wha, gunna and kewl. Then I'm going to purposefully fuck up the podcast just to piss him off. Then I'm going to put some roofies in his Mickeys wait until he passes out and then push his dumb ass down the stairs just for fucking with me.


I'd like to see you try that shit. I got game you aint even heard of. Roofies? I have em for lunch to calm down after beating down pro-wrestlers and jumping over tall buildings while fucking your mom. Cracker please.......



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