Thursday, December 02, 2004

Stupid Holiday Shows

I was reading my book last night while the TV was on. Suddenly, I heard stupid scripted banter followed by singing in the annoying style of Jessica Simpson and her lame husband. My senses assaulted, I had to see what was causing me such asinine torture. When I looked at the TV I found out I was witnessing the Nick and Jessica holiday special. What network you ask? ABC!!! Not MTV. Not VH1. Nick and Jessica on ABC. They are talking and it is scripted stupidity. It might be funny that Jessica is dumb, but only when it's real. It is not funny when it's scripted. Really, her stupidity is only slightly amusing for the first time you see it. So by now it's old. Then the stupid bastards aren't even really singing they are lip synching. Can't they at least sing. Ok then Jessica announces that we "get" to meet their families. Do I give a flying fuck about Jessica and Nick's familes? Let's put it gently I would rather eat 2 week old salmon that has been sitting on the counter unrefrigerated and predigested then "get" to meet Jessica and Nick's families. If you couldn't tell, I am done with Jessica and Nick as if I had started in the first place. Do they need a holiday special? NO!!!! Even if they do it should be on some dumb cable channel not network television. They may as well give Adam and I our own holiday special on network television it would be better.

OK, enough of my rant. Have a great day.

Check out the TV listing if you want to rot your brain



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