Thursday, December 16, 2004

Nelly & Tim McGraw

What the fuck?

Do either Nelly or Tim McGraw need so much press that they would need to do this? Why would a country singer and an R+B singer do a duet? This is by far the dumbest thing in recent music. I can't believe people are supporting this shit. Don't they realize that supporting this shit it only encourages people to do more? What's next Dr. Dre and Britney Spears? Van Morrison and KORN? NIN with Prince? Fuck it I hate this shit.


Oh MD my mind is open... Here's the thing though. I don't think Nelly and Tim McGraw have anything in common. Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett ok. They both did country music. But Nelly and Tim McGraw... Hmmmm. So maybe that means I don't have as open a mind as you do but if that is troublesome just don't read our blog. Ha... I don't need readers. I have myself. Anyone else want to take me on. Bring it on.


Blogger MD said...

Open your mind son.

12/16/2004 2:43 PM  

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