Thursday, December 09, 2004

Kitty Snipers

It would kick ass if I could train my cats to be snipers. I would have them hang out at the windows and take out birds, squirells, chipmunks, other cats, stupid dogs and.... and.... and.... Just think of all the things they could kill. Maybe I could let them do freelance sniping for the government and make money. Just think they could be kitty assassins. That's awesome. Kitten Assassin...



Thanks for the comment. But come on Suzy... Use the link then look at the picture... It will all make sense. Oh, and don't be a slave to Adam. Obviously I don't listen to him.



Blogger Suzy said...

This is stupid, don't write it!!!!
Chuck - I do not REALLY mean that, just doing it for Adam's benefit. :)
Seriously though, how exactly would they be snipers? .... I am confused... kitty assasins I can see, just cannot make the sniper connection. Maybe it is my bad english again but does that not involve a gun? hmm...

12/09/2004 9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh... I get it now
sorry, I am new to this thing had no idea about the link!
And no, I am nt a slave to Adam - I was just proving to Jimbo that I DO listen to the show! :)

12/10/2004 1:10 PM  

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