Friday, December 03, 2004


So I'm thinking, I go to this guys house to collect $4000 but he's not home so I kidnap his wife and kid. Then I set a ransom of $4000 to get my money. No... if I kidnap someone I'm thinking that is a pretty huge crime that I'm getting big time for if I get caught. So I'm asking for a lot more money. But hey it's nice to limit your goals.




Blogger moblingin said...

O.K. A woman and daughter get kidnapped, boo-hoo. I've heard this scenario before. The real story here is why the man, whom this woman and daughter are connected to, is in debt for $4000. I want to know why this man owed money to somebody that would commit this type of act. When you borrow money from somebody, you should have a pretty good understanding that this person is either a crazy mofo who will come to your house and pull some John Gotti shit on your family, or the person is a douche and just bitches that you haven't paid him back.
Point being, tell me about this guy who needed to borrow $4K. Fancy my spare time by explaining to me what type of dipshit this man is. Not the Wife, because she is obviously a looser also for being with this guy. Not the guy who leant the money, nor the guys who committed the kidnapping because they just wanted their money back. No, don't tell me about those people; tell me about the guy who has the balls to ask for $4000 and not pay it back. Please, oh please for Christ's sake clue me in to this knob strokers personal life. Make a freaking reality show out of it. We will call it "I'm a fucking idiot, I have a small ween and can I borrow some money from ya?" Screw this guy and screw the person who wrote this story. Why don't you go be a good reporter and completely destroy this shit head's life even more than it all ready is?

One last thing before I end this session, does anybody out there have a couple thousand bucks they can lend me? I'm real dependable!!!

12/03/2004 12:00 PM  
Blogger moblingin said...

Just a follow up to my last posting. I also want a report in 15 years about the little girl who has been kidnapped. I want to know what strip club she is working at and if she will be going into the porn industry?

12/03/2004 12:14 PM  

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