Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Grammy Nominations

If anyone is interested in the grammy nominations the link above has the entire list of this years nominees. I won't complain about them too much. I'll wait until the Billboard awards come out and then I'll bitch about the state of pop music but until then you don't have to listen to my rant.

Here is my one problem.

BEST SOLO ROCK VOCAL PERFORMANCE: Ryan Adams, "Wonderwall"; Steve Earle, "The Revolution Starts Now"; Melissa Etheridge, "Breathe"; Bruce Springsteen, "Code Of Silence"; Tom Waits, "Metropolitan Glide"

Notice Ryan Adams in there? Yep that's right one of my favorite artists nominated for best solo rock vocal performance. Here is my problem though. Do you see that the song he was nominated for is Wonderwall? A song by Oasis. A cover of an Oasis song. Don't you think that out of the two albums worth of material that he put out this year they could have nominated him for something original? Yes I know he was nominated for this song because of the vocals. Really though his vocals are just as good on most if not all of his original songs. All I'm saying is it would be nice if they could have nominated him for original work.



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