Thursday, December 30, 2004

Elvis Water

Why would anyone think that someone would pay tons of cash for water that Elvis potentially backwashed in.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

UPDATE:I'm Wade Jones..
the "Elvis Cup Guy" visit my website to see the history

I'm the one who sold 3 tablespoons of Elvis' water (from the cup) for $455.00 on eBay..then, I turned around and auctioned off an "appearance" of the cup on eBay for over $3,000.00...Now, I'm touring with the Elvis Cup, making public appearances.

I've been in TIME, NEWSWEEK,USA Today,US Weekly,Rolling Stone,CNN, FOX News,MSNBC,Jay Leno..and tons of websites,newspapers,and radio/news shows around the world.
I'd be glad to talk to you about the "Elvis Cup" phenomenon....

I'm working on a series of appearances with The Filipino Elvis Impersonator Renelvis, who just recorded a new song "The Elvis Cup" ( a Tribute to the Elvis Cup)

since I've been touring with the Elvis Cup (thanks to eBay) life has changed completely..

visit my website:



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