Friday, December 17, 2004

Debt Sucks

I think this articles makes some really good points. It is unfortunate that credit cards do so much marketing to college kids. It is also unfortunate that the cost of living is increasing. However, we can't really do much about the cost of living and college kids should be smart enough not to spend too much money on credit cards.

Here's what really bugs me about this. Right now the job market is extremely tight. This is one of the reasons that corporations don't have to worry about being competetive in starting salaries. As someone who was recently looking for a job I know that starting salaries suck. Everyone wants someone with a college degree but doesn't want to pay for it. Starting salaries right now have not risen comparably to the cost of college. Most jobs barely pay enough for one year of college at a private school and not more than two years of a state school. Finally everyone wants experience but if you expect people to have a degree you can't really expect experience. The only way to get experience is to get a job. It's a vicious cycle.



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