Friday, December 17, 2004


I'm not even going into the fact that somebody killed this woman to take her baby. I won't even discuss the fact that the baby will probably die since it was a month premature and not getting medical attention. What I will discuss is the neighbor.

A neighbor, Bill Dragoo, said Stinnett and her husband raised dogs and "didn't bother anybody. It blows my mind that this happened. She was such a shy person. They didn't deserve this."

Who the hell does he think does deserve this. What the fuck... She was shy she didn't deserve it. So a fucking cheerleader would deserve it? What the hell is his point? Why not just say nobody deserves that it is terrible? What a fucking moron. I hate stupid people.



Blogger Greg Smyth said...

I'm alive and I'm listening. Enjoyed the new drunken podcast but I'm not sure why.

12/18/2004 4:17 PM  

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